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After 15 years and over 50,000 members we have decided to make sex positions guide free - ENJOY!!

Are you good at sex or not?...... 9 out of 10 people are not as good as they could be.

We seem to accept we are just not that great at sex naturally and that is the way it is...

Great sex is not "Mission Impossible"

Sex Positions Guide is about you joining the 1 out of 10 people who really enjoy sex and stimulate their partner to true satisfaction.
This site will show you in easy to understand pictures and descriptions the new great sex positions you can easily use to satisfy yourself and your partner......immediately. Often it is as easy and trying different positions for a good result, many of these positions can easily be used for oral sex (foreplay) as well as sexual intercourse.

Make her sexually addicted to you.
Take 5 minutes guys and LEARN!

You need to find what works best for you and you partner and this often means trying a new position, sometimes regularly as we can all get bored doing the same thing. Our site has been available since 2000 so please enjoy!

No more being embarrassed in book stores looking at 101 different sex positions books. You can privately browse this extensive position guide at your leisure, on your own computer any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you already have a partner these sexual positions will easily show you how to greatly improve your sex life to a level you never experienced before. If you are currently single, well what a way to impress your next partner with the knowledge you will gain. Some of these positions can be also used or oral sex and mutual masturbation just use your imagination and have fun.

One thing not covered in the sex positions is premature ejaculation which is a very real 'issue' for some men/couples, we recommend checking out this site For Guys Who Would Like To Last Longer In Bed. We would also advise trying the woman on top sex positions to help with premature ejaculation.

Great Sex Is Easy

To be great at sex all you really need to know is how to perform various sex positions and experiment a little to find exactly what works for you. Without examples and descriptions of various sexual intercourse techniques you cannot expect any change in your current sex life.

Once you have learned these exceptional techniques, breakthroughs, tips, tricks, and secrets you'll become a better lover, each and every time.

There has been a ton of literature about sex on the net, most of it wrong. This web site narrows it down to what works, and how to accomplish the best sex life you can. Equally important, it steers you away from all the time-wasting strategies that are so widely marketed.

Man On Top Sex Positions

Traditional missionary position which can be modified as in some of the pictures below to acheive greater clitoral stimulation and
added depth as some women prefer, generally begin gently (especially if no oral or masturbation has tacken place)
and then the male can increase the tempo of his forward thrusting movements in response to the female partners pleasure.

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Woman On Top Sex Positions

Let's be honest..... men absolutely appreciate when a woman participates with these sexual positions (woman on top),
it gives the man a rest and usually gets him very excited (men are visual creatures).

For women a great benefit is she controls the rythmic movements and often can find this makes it easier to reach orgasm
due to her being able to control speed and pressure to suit her body.... don't be shy ladies give it a try, your man will
appreciate the attention and you just might be pleasently surprised how good it feels.

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Standing Sex Positions

These are certainly more difficult than traditional man on top or even woman on top but if you feel like some experimentation go for it. Take you time and don't get to carried away as you don't want to fall over!
However using a wall or something else for balance can assist these sexual positions.

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Spooning Sex Positions

These positions are very sensual, men... women will appreciate the smooth sensual nature of these positions,
so will you if you relax, these positions can be performed fast or slow but generally start with slow rythmic movement
perhaps whilst gently caressing and kissing your partner... then you can increase the speed or even fast then slow and repeat....
try and find what works best for you both.

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Exotic Sex Positions

Exotic positions should be performed very carefully as some of he sexual positions can be dangerous if you get to carried away and fall over. Please take your time and use a wall or stable chair to brace yourself and your partner.

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Acrobatic Sex Positions

As with standing and exotic sex positions these should be performed carefully and with support.
Please take your time and use a wall or stable chair to brace yourself and your partner.

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